What Report Best Displays Activities and % Complete?

What Report Best Displays Activities and % Complete?

The best Operational report to use is the Workstream - Milestone and Task Performance Report under the Reports/Operational Menu or the Tab Bar/Reports link. This report allows you to view all the Milestones and Tasks status for each Workstream which is useful for Workstream leads to assess the progress of their workstream.  

Status indicator, owner, responsible, % Complete plus other key data is available.  To access this report:

  1. From the Menu Bar, select Reports/Operational, or from an Integration on the Tab Bar, select the Reports link.

  2. On the Reports page, navigate to the Status Reports section and select Workstream - Milestone and Task Performance.

  3. Complete the applicable fields.  

  4. Select the View Report button.

  5. The report displays each Workstream's Milestone and Tasks status and details.