Target: Export Risk

Exporting Risks

If you are a heavy user of tracking Risks, then you'll welcome the export functionality.  Exporting the template to Excel allows you to enter your Risks in bulk.   

  1. Navigate to the Targets menu. 

  2. Select a Target from the Target Name or Code Name column.

  3. Select the Risks tab.

  4. Best practices suggest that you have at least one Risk created prior to exporting.  If no Risks are displayed, please create one by selecting +Create.

  5. Complete the Name field and any other fields.

  6. Press Save.

  7. Select Export. The file opens in Excel.

  8. Select Enable Editing.

  9. In Column A, ParentName, type Target.  

  10. In Column B, ParentID, type the number displayed in cell B3.  Type this number for all Risks that you add for a Target.

  11. In Column D, Name, type the Risk(s).  

  12. Your screen will look similar to the one below. Excel rows 5 and 6 indicate newly added Risks that will be imported back into the Target.

  13. Save the spreadsheet.

  14. Import Risks