Linking Team Members

Why Do I Need to Link Team Members?

Depending on one's role, some users may be automatically added to a Target or Program. If one's name does not appear in the drop-down list of a field, e.g. Deal Lead, Responsible, Owner, etc., they will need to be linked via the Team tab.

Note: Devensoft Administrators are not automatically added as team members to Targets and Programs. Administrators manage all Targets, Integrations and do not have to be a team member to do that. But if the Administrator will be assigned activities within a Target or Integration, then they must be associated with a Target or Program.

To link a Team Member

  1. From the Menu Bar, click on Targets or Programs.
  2. Open a Target or Program.
  3. On the tab bar, select the Team tab.

  4. You may see names listed in the view which represent the current team members.  
  5. To add more team members, click on the Link icon.
    The Link Contacts window opens.

  6. In the field, start typing a name and select it.  
  7. The name is displayed on the screen.  If they are a licensed user, the option to select their Access Role is displayed.  
  8. Select their Role.

  9. Select the Link button.

  10. Their name(s) is added to the Team page under their Functional Team.  If there are no Functional Teams listed in the view or you see the category (Not Set), this indicates they have not been assigned to a Functional Team.