[HowTo] Create a Financial

[HowTo] Create a Financial

For each Workstream, users have the ability to create Financial Targets. Financial targets are goals to capture workstream value, either as a benefit or an expense. These could include minimum requirements, such as ensuring survival by improving economics or growing existing businesses. It could also include one-time relocation expenses or headcount changes.

Verify Financial Start Date

  1. Navigate to the Targets menu.
  2. Select the name of the Target under the Target Name column. The Target Detail page appears. 

  3. Scroll down the Target Detail page. Look for the Deal Summary Section. 

  4. Verify that the Financial Start Date has a date in this field. 
    • Note: If the Financial Start Date does not have a date in the field, scroll up to the Target Detail page and select the Edit button to enter a Financial Start Date. Select the Save icon once completed. 

To create a Financial Target from the Financials tab:

  1. Navigate to the Financials tab.
  2. Hover the cursor on the Workstream you want to create a financial target.

  3. Click on the + sign icon.

  4. A new financial target will automatically be added below the Workstream.

  5. Type a name for the financial target.  

  6. Press Enter.


  7. Navigate to the fields to the right and double-click on each field to choose a name or description from the drop-down menu followed by entering the dollar value as a benefit or an expense.

  8. Click Save on the top toolbar to save your financials.