How to send email notifications into Devensoft M&A

What is Stream?

The Stream tab is a communication tool that organizes Target and Integration-related emails, and attachments, using a unique email address.  Users can add comments for those emails that need further clarification. 

To learn more about this feature, please follow the below steps.

  1. Navigate to a Target or Integration.

  2. Select the Stream link.

  3. The Activity Stream section is displayed. 

  4. Select the Copy Email Address button

  5. Click the Copy button.

  6. Open your email client and create a new message.

  7. Paste the email address into the "To," "Cc," or "Bcc" line. 

  8. Address any additional textual communication in the body of the email.

  9. Complete the remaining fields.

  10. Press the Send button. 

  11. Click the "Refresh button" or F5 to view the "Activity Stream."

    Note: You may need to refresh or press the F5 function key several times before the email appears in the Activity Stream.