How to link additional phases to a target/integration

[HowTo] Link Additional Phases to a Target

When viewing/editing a Target or Program and notice that all of the phases are not displayed on the Summary page or Program Detail page/Current Phase field, it's due to the following: 

  • All phases were not selected when creating a Target or Program.

  • The Administrator added more phases.  For existing Targets/Program, the new phases will not automatically appear in the drop-down menu and will have to be linked.  Creating a new Target or Program will display all of the phases.  

    To link phases:


  1. Open a Target/Program.  

  2. Navigate to the Summary tab.

  3. Click on the Phases icon.

  4.  Click the Link button.

  5. Select the checkbox.  If necessary, add a Start Date.

  6. Click Link.

  7. Return to the Target or Program.

  8. Navigate to the Current Phase field to select the newly linked Phase.

  9. Press Save.