How to Export a Financial

[HowTo] Export a Financial

To export financials from Targets:

  1. Navigate to the Targets menu.  

  2. Under the Target Name column, select a Target. 

  3. Select the Financials tab. 

  4. Select the checkbox next to the Financial(s) that you would like to export.
  5. Select the Export button.

  6. The financials have been exported to the Excel Template as depicted below.

  7. Before adding the financials, please expand the "financials table," by following the below steps: 
    1. Navigate to the last cell within the template, column AT.

    2. Go to the last row within the table.

    3. Using the mouse, grab the "carrot" in cell AT# and drag it down to as many rows as you need for each new Financial that will be added.

    4. When done, the newly expanded Financial table should resemble the below screen capture allowing the user to add more financials.

    5. Required fields are displayed in red.

    6. When the cell is selected, press the drop-down arrow to the right of the cell to make a hierarchy selection.

    7. Add more financial data to the row.

    8. Once all of the financial data has been added to the template, save the file.

    9. Click here for instructions on importing financials.