How to Delete a Project

Deleting a Project from a Target

Deleting a Project is best done via the Projects link with a Target.  When this is done, all children documents, e.g. Workstreams, SubWorkstream, Milestones, etc. Workstreams, SubWorkstreams, Milestones, Tasks, and SubTasks are removed from the Target. 


Delete a Project:

  1. Navigate to the Targets menu.

  2. Select a Target from the Target Name or Code Name column.  This will take you to the Target Detail page.

  3. Select the Projects tab.
  4. Select a checkbox(es) to delete a Project item. 
  5. Select the Delete button.

  6. The Delete window appears requesting the user to confirm the deletion by typing delete in the field.   

  7. Select Delete

  8. The Project has been deleted.