How to Delete a Milestone in Targets

Deleting a Milestone

Milestones are a subset of Workstreams. Milestones could be considered as steps that should be taken to achieve a Workstream. If it's determined that you no longer need a Milestone you can delete it from the Milestones tab.  Note:  Deleting the Milestone will delete any Tasks and SubTasks associated with the Milestone.

Delete a Milestone:

  1. Navigate to the Targets menu.  

  2. Select a Target from the Target Name column.  This will take you to the Target Detail page. 

  3. Select the Milestones tab.

  4. Select a checkbox(es) to delete a milestone item.

  5. Select the Delete button.

  6. A confirmation prompt appears to accept or reject deleting the Milestone items.

  7. Select OK. The Milestones items have been deleted.