How to Delete a Document in Targets

Deleting a Document

Deleting documents from a Target can be done by selecting documents via a checkbox or by clicking on the Document's title.  Both methods are described below.

Select Checkbox 

  1.  Open your Integration and navigate to the Documents tab.

  2. Select the checkbox that is next to the document name.

  3. Select the Delete button. 

  4. A message appears indicating that the document has been moved to the Trash Bin.

Select the Document Name 

  1.  Navigate to the Documents tab.

  2.  Select the name of the document under the Name column.

  3.  The Document Detail page opens.

  4.  Select the Delete button.
  5.  A prompt is displayed to confirm that the document will be deleted.

  6. The deleted document can be found in the Trash Bin via Admin menu/Storage/Trash Bin).