How to Create and Edit Reports in Devensoft M&A

[HowTo] Edit the Operational Report Properties

Users who have report editing permissions can edit the report properties, such as the report's title, description, access levels, etc.  To do this:

  1. From the Menu Bar, click on Reports/Operational Reports.

  2. Navigate to the report that will be edited.

  3. On the right side of the screen, point to the mouse until the edit pencil icon appears.

  4. Click on the Edit Pencil icon.

  5. The Report Detail window opens.

  6. Complete the below-outlined fields.

    Field Tips: 
    • For Module - allows the report to be accessible in the following modules:
      • All - meaning in both the Program and Targets.
      • None - accessible on the main report page.
      • Program - on the main reports page and Programs.
      • Target - on the main reports page and Targets.

    • Group Name - change the group name, e.g. the section title.

    • All users have access checkbox.
      • If the checkbox is enabled, all users have access to the report.
      • If the checkbox is not enabled, Role Access and User Access can be defined.

  7. When done, press Save to view the changes.

    Tip: To add a new Group Name/Section, repeat the above steps but erase the existing Group Name and type in a new name. Press Save to view the report categorized under a new Report Category.