How to Create a Milestone in Integrations and Targets

Creating a Milestone

Milestones are a subset of Workstreams. Milestones could be considered as steps that should be taken to achieve a Workstream. Milestones can be created from the Playbook menu, within the Activity Map of the Target, or from the Milestones of that particular Target.

Create a Milestone in Targets:

  1. Navigate to Targets.

  2. Select a Target from the Target Name column.

  3. Select the Milestones tab.

      Milestone Features:  

    • Filter - fields such as Workstream, Schedule, Functional Team, etc. are listed as parameters that can be filtered.
    • Create - creates a Milestone.
    • Edit all - when pressed the view converts into inline editing, allowing the user to update selected fields directly on the page.
    • Delete - deletes a Milestone once a checkbox(es) has been selected.
    • Copy Package - allows Packages to be imported.

  4. Select +Create button. The Milestone pop-up window appears.

  5. In the Name field, type your Milestone.

  6. Select a Workstream sub-category from the drop-down list next to the Workstream category.

  7. Update other fields as needed within the Milestone Detail window. This includes:

    * Description
    * Responsible
    * Owner
    * Criticality
    * Target Phase
    * Planned Start Date and Planned End Date
    * Forecast Start Date and Forecast End Date
    * Actual Start Date and Actual End Date
    * Tags
    * Recent Note

  8. Press Save.