How Does the "Copy to Program" Feature Work?

How Does the "Copy to Program" Feature Work?

While working in the Transact module, users can copy Target data into a Program. 

The below Target data gets copied into a Program and the Target is available for continued use. Using this feature is helpful for people who want to get a jump start on the Program management of the Deal that is close to being signed.  

  1. Items that get copied: Activity Map, Playbooks, Notes, Documents (including Due Diligence documents, listed within the Due Diligence folder), Risks, Issues, Decisions, Team members, and Settings.

  2. Due Diligence Request Items: Do not get copied into a new Program. When the copy feature is used, access to these items is available via Target. Users can also export their Request Items and attach the Excel file to the newly moved Integration in the Documents tab.

Note: Once the Program has been copied, the Program Type and Current Phase fields must be revised.