How Do I Create/Edit a Package?

Packages are created from the Master Playbook to reduce the amount of effort required to set up the desired process and to efficiently and effectively manage a Target, Program, or Due Diligence Request List.

Packages are created by the Administrator and are a subset of the Master Playbook (Activity Map) or the Due Diligence Request List. 

The Master Playbook/Activity Map is comprised of the six (6) activity levels: Project, Workstream, SubWorkstream, Milestone, Task, and SubTask that you plan to use repeatedly for Targets and/or Program management.  They are often used to support different deal DNA types and greatly reduce the amount of effort required to set up your desired process.

The Due Diligence/Request List is comprised of three (3) levels: Function, Category, and Request List.  

Note: The names of the activity level within your tenant may differ from the ones described above, as the Administrator may have changed their names during Onboarding.

To create a new package for a Target, Program, or Due Diligence Request List.

  1. From the Menu Bar, click on Playbook/Program/Packages to create a package for a Target or Program.

    For Due Diligence packages, select Playbook/Due Diligence/Packages.
  2. In the Packages view, there may be a list of pre-defined Packages.
  3. Click on the + Create button.
  4. In the Name field, enter a name for the Package.
  5. In the next section, there is a list of Projects, Workstreams, SubWorkstreams, Milestones, Tasks, and SubTasks.  
  6. Click on the desired "twistie/triangle," next to the hierarchical item.
  7. Select the three dots to the right of the checkbox, followed by Check All.  this ensures that the Project and children-related items are selected.

  8. When creating a Due Diligence package, select the desired checkboxes as shown in the below screen capture.

  9. Once all items have been selected, press the Save button.
  10. The Packages page is displayed with the newly created package.  Return to the Target, Program, or Target entering Due Diligence, and copy the package.

Editing a Package

  1. To edit a package, return to the Playbook/Program or Due Diligence menu, followed by the Packages submenu.
  2. To the left of the package name, click on the Edit Pencil icon to add more activities to the package.
  3. Pres Save to view the revised package.