How Do I Add a Contact?

How Do I Add a Contact?

A Contact within the Devensoft platform can be internal to your organization or external. Contacts can be created in the following ways: 

  1. By the Administrator when they are creating a new user.  Please reference the Administrators Guide.

  2. By a User via the Contacts menu. Based on a User's permission determines if they can create a Contact.

    To create a Contact:
    1. From the Menu Bar, click on Contacts.

    2. In the Contacts view, click on the + Create button.  The Contact Detail window appears.

    3. Complete the fields, noting the required fields as Name, Functional Team, and Email.

    4. When done, press Save.

    5. To view the newly added contact, navigate to the Functional Team category.  If a team was not assigned the Contact will appear at the top of the screen under the category, (Not Set).

    6. To edit the Contact's name, navigate to the Contacts page, click on the edit pencil icon to the left of their Full Name.  

    7. In the Contact Detail window, make the necessary edits.

    8. To save your changes, press Save.  

    To link a Contact to a Deal please reference the Linking Team Members article.