FAQ's for Internal and External Due Diligence Users

This FAQ captures the top 10 Due Diligence FAQ's from an Internal and External User's perspective.

  1. Question:  Do Internal & External users have access to the same Interface?
    Answer:  No.  Internal users have access to the Devensoft Tenant.  External users have access to the Target Portal allowing them to view, answer & respond to Request Items.

  2. Question: Does the Target Group button store External Contacts AND External Group Names?
    Answer:  Yes.  For the delivery of Request Items and Permissioning, the Target Group button stores both External Contacts and External Groups for Due Diligence purposes.

  3. Question: On the Target Groups page/Groups view, can you delete the External Admin?  
    Answer:  No, this group can be modified, but due to functionality, the External Admin cannot be deleted.

  4. Question: Are the Target Groups the same as the groups that appear under Admin/Role Administration?
    Answer: No, the Target Groups align to the External Target Portal Users.  The Role Administration aligns with the Internal users that work within the Devensoft Tenant.

  5. Question:  If the User Management permission is selected for a particular group, can the associated Contact(s) add, edit, and delete permissions from the Target Portal? 
    Answer: Yes.  This permission gives External contacts the ability to manage user permission for the Target Portal only.

  6. Question:  Can I create Due Diligence Permissions for my Internal HR, Legal and other Functional teams?
    Answer: Yes.  Click on the Permission In the Access Permissions column, click on the "+" icon to add permissions. 

  7. Question: Within the Due Diligence Permissions, are the Roles that are listed being pulled from the Role Administration page? 
    Answer: Yes.

  8. Question: Within the Target Portal, who has access to the User Management functionality? 
    Answer:  Only users who have been assigned "User Management" access within the Devensoft UI, under Target Groups.

  9. Question:  Do External users need a paid license to log into the Portal?
    Answer: No.

  10. Question: Do External users receive an email and link to log into the Target Portal?
    Answer:  Yes.

  11. Question: What is the file size limit for Uploading files from the Target Portal?
    Answer:  100 MB