Exporting Data From a Target

Exporting Data From A Target

For users that have many updates to make within the Target's Activity Map, it's best practice to use the exporting feature.  For a few updates, please reference the Bulk Edit article.

Multiple Edits:  

TIP:  To speed up the exporting process, filter on the criteria needed vs. exporting all of the Activities.  How Do I Filter Within A Target?

  1. Go to Menu Bar.

  2. Select Targets.

  3. Once the Target opens, click on the Activity Map tab.

  4. If necessary filter the data.  See the above tip.
  5. Select the Export button. The exporting process begins and will download all of the data within the Activity Map to an Excel spreadsheet.

  6. Navigate to the downloaded Excel file.  

  7. If necessary, select Enable Editing at the top of the spreadsheet.

  8. When editing your spreadsheet, please follow the below guidelines:
    • Leave rows 1 - 3 alone.  Editing these rows will disrupt the importing process.
    • Do not delete the IDs or WBS Numbers as these are system-generated once imported.
    • Do not delete rows of data.  

      Note: Deleting data can be done via column F, Activity. Within the template, a user can ADD data and then import the data or DELETE data via column F, but not both.
    • Do not edit or remove the column headers.
    • For the Entity Name column use the drop-down menu values vs. manually typing in “Task.”  Manually typing in tasks, etc. WILL NOT import properly.
    • Column B: Entity Name – use the drop-down menu to select your values.
    • Column E: Name – replace the existing text with your company language.
    • Date Fields:  Use the following format: 11/01/2022.

    Screen Capture 1:  ID and WBs Number

  9. Insert Rows - Insert the number of rows needed for the data that you will be entering within the spreadsheet. In addition to the Red filled cells which are required fields, the user must also complete columns N and M, Forecast Start Date, and Forecast End Date.

    Screen Capture 2: Entity Name and Name Columns

    Screen Capture 3: Forecast Start Date and Forecast End Date

  10. When done, Save the spreadsheet.

  11. Return to Devensoft to Import a Target.