Contacts Overview

Contacts Overview

The Contacts menu allows users to create, edit and delete Contacts within Devensoft.  This of course is contingent upon one's permission. Please note that Contacts can include internal and external individuals. Internal contacts represent stakeholders, such as executives and members of the Corporate Development and PMI team.  External contacts represent advisors, investment bankers, and outside counsel. 

Please note the following:

  • Contacts are not automatically granted login access to Devensoft.  In order for a contact to be able to log in to the Devensoft tenant, the Administrator must create a user ID and link it to their Contact record.

  • Contacts are not automatically associated with a Target or Program and must be added as a Team Member.

  • For Programs only, should a Devensoft user need to assign a Contact to an Activity (Task or SubTask) and need to receive an update from the Contact, simply use the Request Update Feature?