About Target Documents

About Target Documents

The Documents section is where documents pertaining to an Integration can be added for reference. Documents can be added from any of the following sources:

  1. Local or network file

  2. Local folder on your computer

  3. Template playbook

  4. Copy from external source (OneDrive or SharePoint)

With the exception of #4, documents are added to the Devensoft M&A database and protected through Devensoft ’s application and database level security. 

Click on the Documents tab in the Integration to display the Documents list page.

New Document - To upload a document stored on your local drive or network directory.  Documents can also be added by dragging them from your desktop to your browser while on the Documents page.  This is a convenient for copying a larget number of documents. 

New Folder - Click this button to add a new folder within your Integration.

Copy from Playbook - Displays a list of preloaded documents that are part of the Playbook or Package.  Upload all or a subset of these documents.

Download Folder - To access files or folders outside of the Devensoft tool, use the Download Folder, which downloads files/folders to a zip file.

Files View - Displays files in a view.  To revert back to the Folders view, click on the Folders View icon.  

Copy from external source - Allows the user to copy files from OneDrive or SharePoint.

Email Team - A quick way to email documents to team members.

Trash Bin - Click here to restore those documents within an Integration, use the Trash Bin.